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Directors and Executive Officers

Our board members and senior leadership team bring a wealth of experience in financial, business and other industries that helps grow our bank and improve our service.

Executive Officers
  • Richard Moore

    Richard H. Moore

    Chief Executive Officer

    First Bancorp

  • Michael Mayer

    Michael Mayer

    CEO and President of First Bank

    President of First Bancorp

  • Eric P. Credle

    Eric P. Credle

    Executive Vice President

    First Bancorp and First Bank

Board of Directors
  • Don Allred

    Don Allred

    Retired President and former owner of Duel, Inc.
    Former Board Member, Carolina Bank Holdings, Inc.
  • Daniel T. Blue

    Daniel T. Blue, Jr.

    Managing Partner, Blue, Stephens, and Fellers LLPNC State Senator, representing Wake County
  • Mary Clara Capel

    Mary Clara Capel

    Director of Administrative Services, Capel, Inc.
  • James Crawford III

    James Crawford III

    Chairman, First Bank
    Chairman, First Bancorp
    Retired Chairman and CEO, B.C. Moore and Sons, Inc.
  • Abby Donnelly

    Abby Donnelly

    Founder and CEO, The Leadership & Legacy Group
    Former Board Member, Carolina Bank Holdings, Inc.
  • Suzanne DeFerie

    Suzanne DeFerie

    EVP & Regional President, Western Region for First Bank of Southern Pines, NC
    Former Board Member, Asheville Savings Bank & ASB Bancorp, Inc.
  • Michael Mayer

    Michael Mayer

    CEO and President of First Bank

    President of First Bancorp

  • Richard H. Moore

    Richard H. Moore

    CEO, First Bancorp
  • Thomas F. Phillips

    Thomas F. Phillips

    Owner, Phillips Ford
  • O. Temple Sloan, III

    O. Temple Sloan, III

    Former Director and President, General Parts International
  • Frederick L. Taylor, II

    Frederick L. Taylor, II

    President, Troy Lumber Company
  • Virginia C. Thomasson

    Virginia C. Thomasson

    Partner, Holden, Thomasson, Longfellow, CPA
  • Dennis A. Wicker

    Dennis A. Wicker

    Attorney, Nelson Mullins Riley & Scarborough LLP
  • Director Emeriti:

    • Jack D. Briggs - Denton, NC
    • Dr. H. David Bruton - Carthage, NC
    • David L. Burns - Laurel Hill, NC
    • Felton J. Capel - Southern Pines, NC
    • Jesse S. Capel - Troy, NC
    • James H. Garner - Robbins, NC
    • James G. Hudson, Jr. - Thomasville, NC
    • George R. Perkins, Jr. - Sanford, NC
    • G. T. Rabe, Jr. - Albemarle, NC
    • Edward T. Taws Jr. - Southern Pines, NC
    • Frederick H. Taylor - Troy, NC
    • A. Jordan Washburn - High Point, NC
  • The Board of Directors believes that it is important that a direct and open line of communication exist between the Board of Directors and its shareholders and other interested parties. Any shareholder or other interested party who desires to contact one or more of the Company's directors may send a letter to the following address:

    First Bancorp Board of Directors, PO Box 417 Troy, North Carolina 27371

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