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6 Inspiring Takeaways from Seth Godin’s TED Talk on Spreading Ideas

Seth Godin

You’ve probably seen inspirational TED talks around the Internet, and maybe watched a few on your lunch break.

Some TED talks, like Seth Godin’s speech, “How to get your ideas to spread,” can actually help you think about your company’s marketing strategy in new ways.

You can watch the video on Here some key ideas from the speech:

  1. Sliced bread was a commercial failure for 15 years until Wonder spread the idea. In this “century of idea diffusion,” people who can spread ideas win.
  1. Simply buying attention – putting ads on television – isn’t working like it once did.
  1. In a world with too many choices and too little time, most consumers will just ignore stuff. You have to be remarkable to get noticed. People will ignore a regular cow but notice a purple cow.
  1. The old model consisted of making average products for average people. But those people are very good at ignoring marketers.
  1. Find people who really care about what you have to say – who are truly passionate – and then make it easy for that group to tell their friends. Sell to people who are listening.
  1. Being safe is risky. Now it’s safer to be remarkable.

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