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Catching Up With A MedPro Loan Program Customer

If you’re a physician, dentist, optometrist, Pharm.D pharmacist, ophthalmologist, podiatrist, osteopathologist, or veterinarian purchasing a primary residence, First Bank offers the MedPro Loan Program, which allows for up to 100% financing. That’s no money down, and better yet, no mortgage insurance.

We caught up with one MedPro loan customer, dentist Jim Woodard of Rocky Mount, North Carolina. He and his wife Liz recently bought their first home.

There are a lot of mortgage options out there. What drew you to First Bank?

My brother-in-law had a good experience with First Bank when he bought his house in Wilmington (NC). We went to a few other banks to get information on rates. At First Bank they were really nice, easy to work with, and accessible. And they had the Professional Loan Program to help us.

Tell me more about your First Bank experience.

Our rate was good—it was very comparable to other banks. But really it was more the fact that we could get Lisa [Roberts, a First Bank Mortgage Loan Officer] on the phone any time to ask her a question if we needed to. We could call her, email her, she helped us with documentation—she was on top of it.

What was the closing like?

There was nothing unexpected. You hear about closings being hectic, but it really wasn’t that bad. Overall, we had a good experience with First Bank.

Tell me about the new house.

I love it. My favorite room right now is the living room, but it will be the man cave. When it’s finished, it will be decked out in UNC regalia.

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