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How to Get Debit Card Rewards Points

Choosing the best bank to use can be a task. You might consider mobile banking options, whether they offer home loans or competitive rates, and how quickly and easily you can open an account.

One important thing you may not be thinking about yet is what you can get when you have a debit card with your bank. If you currently have a debit card that does not offer any perks, you are missing out on a chance to earn gift cards, merchandise, travel expenses covered, and more!

Don’t worry, with First Bank we’ve got you covered.

Our debit cards allow you to use mobile wallet to pay for purchases on the go. You also get added protection with a built-in chip and full access to MasterCard benefits, but most importantly, you can earn points towards exciting incentives with every qualified purchase you make.

How Our Rewards Work

Everyone shops one way or another, so why not earn while you buy? Our debit cards allow you to earn rewards points when you make every day and monthly qualifying purchases such as gas, groceries or bills. Just use your First Bank debit card when shopping and you’ll earn 1 point for every $3 you spend!

We make it easy to take advantage of all of our amazing rewards offers. It is simple and free to enroll your debit card in our rewards program. All you have to do is set up your user ID and password and watch your rewards points soar.

Both personal and business clients can participate in out rewards program. Not only do we offer flexible checking options such as our Everywhere Checking account with free digital banking, online bill pay, eStatements and direct deposits, but we also offer the option to pool your rewards points with others.

How to Earn Rewards with PointsPooling

If your points alone aren’t enough, you may consider pooling points together. Unlike most other debit cards, pooling your points allows you to combine points from different eligible First Bank debit and credit cards to earn rewards quickly.

You can even invite family, friends, colleagues, or organizations to join your pool. You can pool points by combining personal debit and credit cards points, pooling business debit and credit cards, or combining associated personal and business cards. PointsPooling also allows you to transfer points to other individuals and organizations with a quick transfer.

How to Use Your Rewards

Wondering about all the ways you can use your rewards points? Here is a list of added benefits to choose how you want to be rewarded.

Travel Rewards – Take a much needed vacation! Use your points to book hotel stays, airline tickets, and car rentals. You can even gain rewards when you book through preferred travel partners such as Expedia, Kayak, and Delta.

Gift Cards – With rewards points, you are able to give gifts easily. Turn your rewards points into gift cards from retailers, restaurants, or universal cards.

Shopping – Support local. Rewards points can become gift certificates to support local businesses.

Merchandise – You can use your points to redeem merchandise such as earrings, blankets, and grill tools.

No matter what way you choose to use your points, you can use them on what you want when you want it. You can find more information on each of our benefits on the First Bank One Rewards page.

How to Calculate Potential One Rewards

You can also use our card rewards calculator to see how quickly your points can grow. Just enter how much money you are currently spend on basic monthly expenses through different categories and your calculated earnings will be shown. This allows you to visualize the benefits of opening or switching to our First Bank debit card. The card rewards calculator can show you both monthly and yearly rewards points earnings.

So, why wait? Stop by and open a checking account, activate and use your new First Bank debit card, register for points, and enjoy! If you need in-person assistance, we have more than 100 locations across the Carolinas with associates ready to assist you.

More Resources

First Bank is here to help you get the most out of your services. Use these resources to continue learning about your chances to earn rewards.

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