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We couldn’t be more excited to welcome all our new customers from Asheville Savings Bank to the First Bank family. The below infographic is a handy way to get to know us a little bit better. Simply click on it to enlarge.

Welcome to all our new customers from Asheville Savings Bank

Dream It, Do It Q1 Winner: Herrera Family Thu, 04 Jan 2018 17:34:38 +0000

One of the first “Dream It. Do It.” winners is Silverio Herrera who was nominated by his wife, Jeni. In August 2017, we met with the Herrera family at our Fuquay-Varina branch.

We surprised them with the good news that they would receive $10,000 in support of Silverio’s dream of a skid steer to grow his concrete business.

Here is a video of that wonderful meeting.

Dream It, Do It Q1 Winner: Anita Autry Mon, 11 Sep 2017 17:39:02 +0000

After Anita Autry told us about her dream—to secure a service dog for her son who is severely inhibited by his autism—we knew we had to help.

On July 26, 2017, we invited Anita to come to her local branch in Elizabethtown, NC under the auspices of telling us more about her contest entry. But instead, we surprised her with the wonderful news that she was in fact our first Dream It, Do It contest winner and recipient of $15,000. This video is what we captured from that very special meeting.

Dream It, Do It: Where Are You? [Infographic] Mon, 21 Aug 2017 17:35:25 +0000

After receiving more than 500 entries in the month of July alone, we got curious about where in the Carolinas we were hearing from the most. Here are some location stats from those we received from mid-April through the first week of August 2017.

First quarter of First Bank's Dream It, Do It contest received more than 1,000 entries.

Dream It, Do It Contest: More Than 1,000 Entries in First Quarter [Infographic] Thu, 29 Jun 2017 18:36:16 +0000

Our Dream It, Do It contest has seen some amazing entries come through. Here are some stats from the first quarter of our campaign.

First quarter of First Bank's Dream It, Do It contest received more than 1,000 entries.

Go Gastro in Greensboro Tue, 07 Mar 2017 15:25:58 +0000

Greensboro, North Carolina is changing. Known for its contributions to both manufacturing and civil rights, a new area of notoriety is emerging. Cultural diversity is changing the way the city eats, and no one’s complaining.

From new concepts to old favorites, First Bank lays out an ideal day of dining. These eateries aren’t the only options, but you won’t regret any of our selections below.


No one does breakfast like Smith Street Diner. A Greensboro staple that touts being open 8 days a week, the diner offers the classics. One might speculate how they can fit such great portion sizes into such a cozy space, but somehow they manage.

Pancakes, eggs, bacon, fresh coffee and hand-squeezed orange juice may sound simple, but you can taste the love in everything they create. Make sure to sample one of their signature cat head biscuits before paying the bill.

Be sure to get there early, because lines can go out the door.


Since 1989, Jerusalem Market has been the choice for Middle Eastern eats in Greensboro. Just walk through the door and the scents of exotic spices and savory delicacies invite you to stay.

Try the “Best Hummus in the World” and their pistachio baklava. Catch them at their new downtown location for a healthy meal backed by a healthy environment.

Midday Snack

Looking for a midday snack? Look no further than Yum Yum Better Ice Cream, located in the heart of the UNC-Greensboro campus. This iconic establishment has been family owned and operated since 1906.

Serving a selection of homemade ice cream and classic hot dogs, Yum Yum is known for flavor, not flash, and it’s long been a staple for UNCG’s student body. Get “one all the way” hot dog and a “kid’s cone” of ice cream to hold you over.


If you’re looking for a dinner that is a break from the norm, look no further than Crafted Restaurants. There are two Crafted locations in Greensboro with diverse themes.

Before you jump the gun and assume Crafted – The Art of the Taco is a Mexican restaurant, take a look at their menu. On it, you’ll find such tacos as the “Fedora,” which is filled with succulent blackened tuna seared rare with kimchi, garlic, and pineapple aioli. Get the “Big Truck” tacos, but sub out the pulled pork for chorizo. Trust us, we have a close inside source who wouldn’t steer us wrong.

If tacos aren’t your thing, Crafted – The Art of Street Food is a few blocks away. The upscale eatery brings the flair and charm of the world’s street vendors under one roof. They take pride in a rotating menu, so there’s always something new to try. Get the smaller portions so everyone at your table can share and enjoy the culinary journey.

After Dinner Drinks

Greensboro has many bars, but none like the Bearded Goat. Over the railroad tracks on south Elm Street, the Bearded Goat offers an inclusive environment.

Patrons are happy to stick to the beers on tap, but an assortment of mixed drinks are available. Local spirits from Greensboro Distillery’s Fainting Goat Spirits line (no relation) are readily available and make any cocktail exemplary.

The “Snack Pack” is an unwritten rule amongst locals, so make sure to grab one before you leave. We’d tell you what it is, but we want you to see for yourself.

Greensboro is boiling over with exciting new culinary creations. But the old-school establishments continue to leave their mark. This list is both a mix of the old and the new; its purpose is to give you taste of what Greensboro offers.

If you only had one day in the beautiful Gate City, we know you’ll gain a better understanding of who we are through our food.

The First 80 Years of First Bank [Infographic] Tue, 15 Dec 2015 15:00:40 +0000

As we close 2015, we take a look back at the first 80 wonderful years in First Bank’s history, from 1935 when we opened as the Bank of Montgomery in Troy, North Carolina to our expansion across three states.

Along the way, we’ve had the privilege of serving our local communities and neighbors. We certainly couldn’t have done it without you, and we can’t wait to see what the future brings!

Click the image below to enlarge it.

The first 80 years of First Bank's history.

Local Gift Ideas for the Holidays: 2015 Edition Tue, 08 Dec 2015 16:00:43 +0000

Last year, we covered the first 8 gifts you could give loved ones and acquaintances across 3 states. It was a lot of fun to put together, and so many recommendations came in after we published that list, that we knew we needed to put together a 2015 version. Enjoy!

Little Black Dressing Co. salad dressings: Do you have a foodie in your life? These dressings, homemade and hand bottled by owner Kissie Stroup, are a delicious addition to any holiday feast and make for a perfect food basket addition.

Space Movers the board game: Perfect for a large group of friends or family, this board game—which comes with an amazing comic book to kick off the story and an online component to listen to tunes specially orchestrated to accompany the game—was created by entrepreneurs Kevin and April Cox who run KnA Games out of their home.

A little something from Rufty’s Garden Shop: This long-time family owned and operated business in Salisbury, North Carolina has the perfect set of tools and treats for the garden lover in your life. And you might also be able to pick up some holiday décor, including wreathes and Christmas trees.

Southern Supreme fruitcake: If you’re a holiday fruitcake lover, you’re really missing out unless you have one from Southern Supreme. Their delectable goodies make the perfect centerpiece at any party, and their gift baskets are perfect to bring as a thank you to your favorite shindig host.

Treasures from Peacock’s Vintage Picks: If you love hunting for antiques and those hard-to-spot at first treasures, this is the store for you in Latta, South Carolina. Find everything from furniture to vintage collectibles at this one-of-a-kind store.

A beverage insulator or comfy pair of socks from Freaker USA: With bright and creative designs, the goodies from Freaker USA make the perfect present for your college student, colleagues, or sock aficionado. Freakers are made right in Troy, North Carolina (where First Bank got its start too!) and the business itself is headquartered in beautiful Wilmington.

Chocolate-covered cake treats from Yum Yum Chocolates: Who doesn’t love bite-sized desserts covered in chocolate? Pick up a bag of Yum Yum Chocolates, sold across Moore County, North Carolina, and online, for an ideal stocking stuffer.

Bottles of wine from Silver Coast Winery: A good glass of wine is a great accompaniment to any meal or a nice way to finish one. If you’re looking for a local pick, try a bottle from this Ocean Isle, North Carolina-based vintner.

Do you have other local gift ideas for the list? Share them on First Bank’s Facebook page.

Community Partners: Relay for Life and the Montgomery Square Branch Tue, 01 Dec 2015 17:00:09 +0000

More than a decade ago, the staff at First Bank’s Montgomery Square branch in Troy, NC, began partnering with the local Montgomery County Relay for Life organization. It was a decision they took seriously from day one.

“We got started with Relay for Life because we felt like it was a worthy organization and the need was definitely there,” says Angie Sasser, CSR at Montgomery Square. “We initiate fundraisers that include all bank employees in Montgomery County and sometimes other branches from the surrounding counties too.”

For at least half of their years of partnership with Relay for Life, Sasser has been the team captain for First Bank’s team, and she is about to start her third year as the organization’s chair for Montgomery County.

Not surprisingly, First Bank has been the top fundraising team in the area. For example, their fundraising goal for 2015 was $15,000, which they surpassed by raising $19,000. “The whole experience is very rewarding,” says Sasser. “Over the years we have had plenty of fundraisers that flopped, but we tried something new and kept moving forward. Being able to donate that much money is very fulfilling.”

From silent auctions to selling cookies, the First Bank team has done a little bit of everything. “January to May is very busy for us,” says Kerrie Dionne, Teller/CSR at Montgomery Square.

Sasser agrees and adds “we are always thinking of new ideas for future fundraisers. We have a new surprise for 2016 that we think will really excite the sports fans.”

Beyond the events, Sasser says that the biggest change over the years has been how much more involved customer and the community have become. “Even non-customers will contact me to either donate or get involved with some of our fundraising activities,” she explains.

“First Bank is always at the forefront leading and encouraging the other teams,” says Candy Sheryn, Co-Chair of Relay For Life in Montgomery County. “Whether it’s developing fundraising ideas with a team, or anything else, they make themselves available to help. On behalf of Relay Montgomery and Relay National, I’d like to say that we are so grateful and blessed to have First Bank involved with our organization and event.”

Want to get involved with the Montgomery County Relay for Life? Check out their teams page.

Our Extraordinary Hometowns: Southport, NC Thu, 12 Nov 2015 19:18:35 +0000

We asked writer Jamie Garrett, who lives in Chapel Hill, North Carolina, with his wife and 2 daughters, about his favorite spot for a vacation, and his answer without hesitation was the NC coast and especially, Southport. Below, he describes the hot spots and treasures that make this First Bank hometown unique.

Every summer my family and I visit the town of Southport, an easy day trip from our spot on Oak Island.

Southport, a popular location for filmmakers, is a picturesque town of around 3,000 residents, situated on the northwest bank of the Cape Fear River, only 2 miles from the Atlantic Ocean. And in 2015, it was voted America’s Happiest Seaside Town of 2015 by Coastal Living Magazine.

Where the Town Got Started

The history of Southport is as colorful as some of its coastal homes. In the early 1700s, the area was a haven for pirates, including the infamous Black Beard. In response, Fort Johnston was established in 1745 by the NC General Assembly to protect passing ships against the marauders.

Then founded as Smithville in 1792, the town grew up around the fort area. In 1887, the name was changed to Southport. The Fort Johnston Garrison House is now home to the Southport Visitor Center and city museum.

Downtown (or “Old Southport” as the locals call it) with its many historical houses and buildings, souvenir shops, antique stores, and unique restaurants was made for meandering and exploring.

Below are a few of my family’s favorite places in Southport.

The Christmas House

There are some great shops in Southport, but our favorite is The Christmas House, a ‘must-visit’ place.

Wander through the many rooms in this house and you’ll find it has something for everyone—my kids love the saltwater taffy and the toys, my wife loves the ornaments and jewelry, and I love the fudge. Open year round, it’s always Christmas here.

The Yacht Basin Provision Company

Super friendly staff, fresh delicious locally caught seafood, and a laid back atmosphere make The Yacht Basin Provision Company one of my family’s favorite restaurants, not just in Southport, but anywhere.

Only a few blocks from downtown, this casual, open air restaurant overlooks the Old Yacht Basin and the Intracoastal Waterway. This restaurant is a popular spot for locals and tourists, so expect to wait in for a table (which is half the fun).

When you arrive, you give them your name and one personal item to mark your table. Then you relax with drinks until your name is called. When your table is ready, you order from the menu (a chalkboard near the drinks), find your table and your food arrives within minutes.

And when you’re done, go to the register and tell them your name and the drinks you had. Be careful if you go at high tide; you might get a little wet when the waves spill over into the surrounding streets.

Waterfront Park and the City Pier

A short walk from both downtown and the Provision Company is Southport’s 9-acre Waterfront Park. Enjoy the breeze while sitting on one of the benches or swings, stroll along the Riverwalk Trail, or walk out onto the City Pier.

From the park, you can see the Bald Head Island Lighthouse and the Oak Island Lighthouse. If you stay long enough, you might catch a glimpse of a dolphin pod or a massive container ship making way up the Cape Fear River to the Port of Wilmington or downriver to the Atlantic.

A North Carolina Gem

Southport is a true North Carolina gem and an ideal place to spend a morning, afternoon, or a couple of days. No matter how long you stay, Southport is a great place to be.

To learn more about Southport, you can visit: