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This article explore the latest landscaping trends

Your Home: Landscaping Trends in 2016

In the South this year, the natural and environment-friendly landscape is taking over with perennial favorites like crepe myrtles and forsythia.

solar panels

The Sun Shines on North Carolina’s Solar Power Growth

Thanks to 215 sunny days a year and solar-friendly regulations and tax credits, North Carolina is a great place for those who want to convert solar rays into electricity.

agrihood farmer

Agrihoods and New Real Estate Trends

Agrihoods are farm-centered communities that provide green space that turns а profit аnd promotes a healthier lifestyle. A 25-acre organic farm can be created for around $50,000 and act as a potential tax break for commercial developers.

Are Timeshares Worth It?

We’ve all heard it before: the timeshare pitch. But timeshares can’t be all bad, right? If you’re considering a timeshare purchase, take the
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Tips for Buying a Mountain Home

From the Smoky Mountains to the Uwharries, it’s hard to find anyone in our area who hasn’t vacationed in a mountain home with friends or family
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Buying a Foreclosed Home

There’s a house you love, but it’s in foreclosure and you don’t know what to do. Find out how to get a great deal and avoid the foreclosure
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