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2018 Summer Vacation Trends [Infographic]

The summer is the perfect time to hit the road or the skies and to explore a new venue. That made us curious: who's traveling and where are they going?


The Startling Cost of College

There’s a startling financial truth for those enrolled in college and recent graduates: a higher education almost always comes with a significant price tag--and debt. Here, we take a look at the numbers.


Happy National Financial Literacy Month!

April, like any month of the year, is the perfect time to take a look at your spending habits and build better behaviors to hit your long-term savings goals. But what makes this month especially ideal is that it's National Financial Literacy Month!

Buying Your First New Car: What to Know

It’s a moment to savor: getting your first vehicle, enjoying the new-car smell, taking pride in ownership. Here are some things to consider before
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Bringing Home the Veggies

You’re all ready to buy local and eat local, but where to start. Have you ever considered a CSA? It might sound like a new financial or insurance
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Cool Crops for Chilly Days: How to Plant a Fall Garden, Part 2

To get the inside dirt on gardening goodness, we talked to Julie Thompson-Adolf, who is a master gardener, South Carolina resident, and owner of
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