Commercial Mortgage - Asheville, NC

If you are thinking about opening a business in Asheville, NC, or moving your business into another location, consider a commercial mortgage with First Bank. Commercial mortgages can be used to develop or purchase land or buildings that are intended for commercial use. Purchasing the right building for your business is important, and there are a few things you should consider when choosing a building and location.

 As the city of Asheville, NC grows, entrepreneurs are taking advantage of opportunities to start businesses.The mountains and the culturally rich downtown area of Asheville continue to draw in tourists and new residents. It makes sense that in 2012, visitors to Asheville spent $1.5 billion, which generated $2.3 billion in total business sales. First Bank in Asheville, NC offers commercial mortgages so you can capitalize on all of the opportunities Asheville has to offer.

Get a Commercial Mortgage in Asheville NC at First Bank

First Bank is a commercial lender, which means we have a variety of commercial mortgage products and services, all at competitive prices. Our staff of commercial real-estate specialists are dedicated to providing you with industry knowledge and expertise.

We also have other loan options that can help you build or grow the business of your dreams, including:

  • Business World Credit Card With Rewards that offers lower rates and no annual maintenance fees.
  • Lines of credit so you can access your funds quickly and easily.
  • Business loans so you can expand your business, finance new equipment, or refinance debt.
  • Construction loans so you can build your business from the ground up or expand your existing one.

Visit one of First Bank’s 3 Asheville, NC locations to learn about our other business loans, or speak with one of our specialists about structuring a commercial mortgage loan that meets your needs.

Loans subject to credit approval.

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