Competitive Interest Rates for Mortgage Loans

If you’re in need of a personal loan to cover an expense, your local First Bank can help. We offer multiple personal lending options that can help you with car repairs, home improvements, medical bills or any other unexpected expenses.

Personal Lending Options from First Bank

First Bank offers personal lending options to meet a variety of needs, and each is offered with flexible terms and highly competitive rates. Our loan officers can work with you to determine what level of lending will work best for you. 

We also offer First Bank Ready Cash, a personal line of credit that protects your accounts should overdrafts occur. It automatically transfers funds to your First Bank checking accounts, in increments of $100, to cover items presented for payment. You can also borrow money from your Ready Reserve credit account by writing a check or transferring online or at a branch.

Need a personal loan? Find a First Bank branch near you to learn more about our personal lending options today. 

Personal Loans: What You Need to Know

According to AOL Finance, there are a few things you should know about personal loans before you start your application:

  • They come in two types, secured and unsecured. Secured personal loans require that you put down collateral in order to get the loan. Unsecured personal loans can be secured with just a signature.
  • Your interest rate is based on your credit score. You should always check your credit score before applying for a loan, Typically, your loan interest rate will be based on your credit score, and your lender might choose whether or not to lend to you based on your creditworthiness. 

For more information on personal loans, visit our online Financial Education Center or check out these articles:



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