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Personal Loans – Lillington, NC

If you live in Lillington, NC, and are in need of a personal loan to cover expenses, visit your local First Bank. We offer personal loans with flexible terms and highly competitive rates, making our loans a great choice for almost anyone.

Personal Loans - Lillington, NC

Apply For A Personal Loan At First Bank In Lillington, NC

Before applying for a personal loan, it is important to determine whether or not it is a right fit for you. We provide our customers with two personal loan options, and each is designed to meet unique needs.

  • First Line: Personal Line of Credit — First Line is a personal line of credit that gives you the ability to instantly borrow money. If you need cash, just write a check to request it. In order to secure your personal line of credit, qualified collateral may be required.
  • CreditLine: Overdraft Protection — If your bank account does not have sufficient funds to cover a purchase, First Bank will automatically transfer money from your CreditLine into your checking account. In the event that you need to borrow money, you can use CreditLine to borrow up to your overdraft limit.
  • Platinum Credit Card with Rewards — A First Bank credit card allows you to make everyday and monthly purchases in a convenient and secure way. Plus, when you register and use your card, you will earn rewards points on all eligible purchases. Once you start racking up points, you can redeem your points for awesome rewards like travel, merchandise and gift cards.

First Bank also offers home equity lines of credit, which could be good options if you intend to make larger purchases.

To learn more about First Bank’s personal loan options, visit our Lillington, NC branch.

Loans subject to credit approval.

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