Restaurant Loan – South Carolina

Opening up a new restaurant involves a variety of different costs. At First Bank, we make it easy for entrepreneurs to finance new business ideas with our competitive restaurant loans*. Read more to figure out if a restaurant loan is the right option for you.

Restaurant Loans in South Carolina

Opening up a restaurant can be the experience of a lifetime. But with any business, if you aren’t sure where to begin, it can quickly become overwhelming. Consider these tips before getting started:

  • Choose a concept and plan your menu by asking yourself a few questions like, “what do I like to cook?” and “what foods are popular in my town?”
  • Determine which equipment you will need and how much money you will need to buy it. You will need equipment for preparing, cooking, and storing food in addition to money set aside for employee wages. Once you know how much money you will need, speak with First Bank about our restaurant loans, and let us help you get started.
  • Perfect your recipes by trying them over and over again and testing your your food. Once you’re sure it tastes good and is easy to make, decide where you will be grocery shopping for your ingredients.
  • Obtain all the licenses and permits you will need to be able to run your restaurant.
  • Pick out a few locations you think will bring you the most business. Living in South Carolina, you have plenty of options for spots to open up a restaurant. You could settle down in Myrtle Beach, an area filled with hungry beachgoers, or you could head to Charleston, an area known for its great dining options.

Get a Restaurant Loan at First Bank

If you need financial help with opening a restaurant, consider applying for a restaurant loan at First Bank. We not only offer a variety of business loans like traditional lump-sum loans, credit lines, commercial mortgages, and construction loans, but we also offer merchant services such as credit card processing, payroll options, and deposits. These services are particularly helpful when trying to open up a restaurant.

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*Loans subject to credit approval.