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Small Business Startup Loans in High Point, NC

Starting a business is anything but cheap. Depending on the type and scale of your business, you may need to front the costs for staff wages, mortgage or rent, inventory, equipment, supplies, uniforms, vehicles, and more.

Learn more about how a small business startup loan can help you and your business.

Startup Loans for Your Small Business

In High Point, North Carolina, small business startup loans can be acquired at First Bank on North Main Street to help remedy the cost of doing business. The expenses associated with starting a small business can be as unpredictable as they are costly. You will encounter one-time costs such as a shiny new sign for the front door, as well as ongoing costs like utility bills.

Revenue is usually gradual and inconsistent, and the break-even point can be difficult to determine. All of this is exactly why First Bank has small business startup loans* in place for customers in High Point, NC. We offer:

  • Business Loans. Use a lump sum of cash to make the initial purchases necessary for any small business.
  • Credit Lines. Pay business expenses as they arise and pay back the loan as needed.
  • Construction Loans. Get money for new construction, remodeling, or expansion of a building.
  • Professional Loans. Use these loans to conduct business out of your place of residence.
  • Commercial Mortgages. Take advantage of competitive rates and structure a loan that meets your business location needs.
  • Credit Card. First Bank’s Business World Credit Card With Rewards allows you to make everyday purchases at low rates and no annual fee, earning rewards after registration.**

Learn More About a Small Business Startup Loan Today

Read about First Bank’s small business startup loans and sign up for a free small business financial consultation with one of our experts.

*Loans subject to credit approval. See our Terms and Conditions for complete details on our One Rewards Program. MasterCard, Debit MasterCard and the MasterCard brand marks are trademarks of MasterCard International Incorporated.

**See our Terms and Conditions for complete details on our One Rewards Program. Free ATM network includes First Bank and CashPoints® terminals. Out of network terminal owners may charge a service fee. Loans subject to credit approval.



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