Unsecured Personal Loans – Florence, SC

If you need to secure a loan but don’t have the ability to put down collateral, an unsecured personal loan from First Bank in Florence, SC, could be a solution. The First Bank branches in Florence on West Evans Street and Loop Road offer unsecured personal loans to customers with qualifying credit histories, even if they have nothing of value to secure the loan against.

Unsecured Personal Loan Options

Our unsecured personal loans come in the form of:

  • A personal credit line. Gain instant borrowing power by writing a check to yourself for the amount that you need and repay the loan under competitive interest rates and flexible terms. While qualified collateral is sometimes needed for a personal line of credit, it is also possible to obtain this loan unsecured.
  • Overdraft protection. If you write a check that cannot be covered by your checking account balance, First Bank can cover the difference and allow you to pay it back. Our overdraft protection program requires no collateral for qualified candidates and helps you avoid bounced checks and costly overdraft fees.
  • A credit card. Our Platinum credit card* is a way to use tomorrow’s money today in an unsecured way and comes with a rewards program for registered cards, zero liability and no annual fees. You won’t need any collateral for a First Bank credit card—just a qualified credit history.

Unsecured Personal Loans - Florence, SC

Should I Take Out an Unsecured Personal Loan?

According to Investopedia:

An unsecured loan may be a good option for individuals who do not have enough equity in their homes to be approved for a home equity loan. An unsecured loan may have a fixed interest rate and be due at the end of a specified term, or it can exist as a revolving line of credit with a variable interest rate.

Unsecured personal loans can often be processed rather quickly because there are no collateral arrangements to be made. Plus, you won’t have to worry about losing your property, vehicle or other collateral.

Take Out an Unsecured Personal Loan Today

If you need a personal loan, speak to one of our friendly associates at a Florence, SC, First Bank to see about qualifying for an unsecured personal loan today.

*See our Terms and Conditions for complete details on our One Rewards Program. Free ATM network includes First Bank and CashPoints® terminals. Out of network terminal owners may charge a service fee. Loans subject to credit approval.



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