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Plan for a lifetime of financial health.

Joy at every step with easy financial prep.

Free courses on financial basics. An online money management tool to keep you on track. For every step, every goal, we're there to support you.

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Courses built for you.

Access a free suite of online courses to help you prepare for all your goals—from buying a home to paying for a wedding, from picking your first car to expanding your kitchen.


Tutorials for Every Situation

We know that a little financial know‑how can go a long way toward boosting your bottom line. Select one of the topics here to start learning.

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Put your learning to work with MyMoney, our budget and money management tool.

With MyMoney — available through online and mobile banking — track your real time financial health & plan for a lifetime of joy.

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See Your Stats

Now you can get a visual overview of your transactions and easily analyze and interpret your financial patterns with new interactive data‑driven widgets.

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Create Transaction Categories

Sort your transactions by category (like dining out, gas, groceries and more) and create custom subcategories to keep things organized in a way that works for you.

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Align Your Accounts

Link any accounts you have at other financial institutions with your First Bank account to see all of your balances and transactions at a glance.

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