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Something special is on the way! is getting a whole new look on May 1, with great features that make everything easier to find. We can’t wait to show you what we’ve been working on.

MyMoney Features and Facts

You can easily manage your budgets, track your spending and modify your payback plan for any outstanding debts using MyMoney.

When you log in to your online banking, you’ll see several links at the top of the Account Overview page. You can click a link to access a widget, such as Budget or Spending.


Create spending categories and track your budget progress each month. (To get you started, MyMoney creates an initial budget that you can tweak to meet your needs.)


Get an easy‑to‑use overview of your personal spending habits.


Track spending as compared to income to note patterns and opportunities to save.


See all your debt accounts in one place and calculate how making extra payments can affect your debt over time. Modifying the payoff approach will reorder the accounts in the order of priority/focus for that particular plan (for example, highest percentage, smallest balance, etc.).