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Switch Kit

How do I switch to First Bank?

Our Account Switch Kit makes it fast and easy to begin enjoying the benefits of banking with First Bank. In four simple steps, you can move your accounts from other financial institutions to First Bank, close old accounts, set up automatic bill payments, direct deposits and much more.

1. Open a First Bank account

  • View information about our checking and savings products online
  • Once you decide which product is right for you, visit your local First Bank branch to open a new account

2. Transfer all direct deposits or automatic payments to your new First Bank account

  • Make a list of all the automatic payments you currently have deducted from your account along with the dates these transactions occur
  • Use this form to send a notice to your employer to change the bank and account number for where your Direct Deposit is to be sent
  • If you receive payments from the Social Security Administration, click here to download the forms needed
  • Use this form to transfer automatic debits, which are payments or transfers that automatically come out of your checking account. Better yet, cancel these automatic drafts and sign-up for Online Banking with Bill Pay and pay your bills online. Click here to learn more about First Bank Bill Pay.
  • Pay off any remaining check overdraft protection balances at your old bank

3. Stop using your old account

  • Leave a sufficient balance in your old account to cover any outstanding checks or check card transactions
  • Destroy any unused checks or preprinted debits, and cancel all previously issued ATM cards or check cards
  • After all checks and/or debits have cleared close your previous checking or savings account

4. See your local First Bank representative

  • Ask them to review your mortgage and other personal loan arrangements to see if you can refinance at more favorable rates
  • Ask about our special home equity or credit cards programs