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Payroll Direct Deposit

Pay employees easily and affordably.

Eliminate the expense and hassle of paying employees by check.

Direct Deposit from First Bank is an efficient way to handle payroll distribution and provides a valuable benefit to your employees.

Deposit your pay directly into their checking or savings accounts at the financial institution of their choice. You can also use Direct Deposit to deposit expense reimbursements, pension payments, dividends and other disbursements.


Reduce costs

  • Eliminates the expense of stop payments and reissues for lost or stolen paychecks
  • Reduces costs associated with reconcilement, postage and check printing


  • Simplifies the distribution of payroll to offsite employees
  • Eliminates special handling of absent employees’ checks
  • Reduces the time required to print, write and mail checks


  • Provides an excellent addition to your employee benefits package
  • Gives employees the flexibility to split deposits between a checking and savings account at the financial institution of his or her choice
  • Eliminates extra trips to the bank for your employees


  • Provides the security of knowing pay is deposited even when the employee is out of the office
  • Reduces the risk of check fraud by eliminating payroll checks

Consider this service if your company:

  • Wants to reduce costs associated with payroll
  • Would like to reduce the risk of check fraud
  • Wants to offer employees more choice
  • Has a number of employees working off-site

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