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Mobile Check Deposit

Deposit a check anywhere. Safely and securely.

First Bank’s mobile banking app makes depositing a check as easy as snapping a picture on your phone.

  • Deposit up to $4,000 worth of checks ($10,000 for business accounts) before 6pm on a regular business day and see funds available the next day if approved
  • Deposit checks from your smartphone or tablet device
  • Receive email notifications of successful deposits
  • Depositing a check on your phone or tablet is just as secure as handing it to your local teller

Ready to deposit a check?

Step 1

Download the application from the Apple or Android Apps Store, or you can use our text to download tool.

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Get App

Step 2

Once you’ve logged into the mobile app, you’ll need to opt into mobile check deposit. Click on the Menu button in the upper left corner, click Mobile Deposit, and then select Mobile Deposit Enrollment. Accept the Terms and Conditions and restart your app.


Step 3

After restarting the app, click on the Deposit check option under Mobile Deposit. At the next screen, select the account to which you’d like the funds deposited, enter the check number and the dollar amount. Then click Capture Image.


Step 4

Once your phone’s camera is activated, you will need to take a photo of the front and back of the check. Be sure the check has been endorsed by all payees and designate the item as “For Mobile Deposit Only.” Your screen will show you which side to capture, and the helpful brackets provide size guidelines.


Step 5

After you have taken photos of the front and back of the check, you will be asked to confirm the images. If everything looks good, click on Submit Deposit to finish the transaction. If you have made this mobile deposit before 6pm on a regular business day, you will see the funds in your First Bank account the next day.

Limits on Mobile Deposits

In order to ensure the security of our bank and its customers, we set certain limits to the amounts and frequency of deposits via mobile devices. Here are our current limits for Personal accounts and Business accounts.

  • Personal Account
    • Per Item Limit – $2,000
    • Daily Limit – $4,000
    • Monthly Limit* – $4,000
  • Business Account
    • Per Item Limit – $2,500
    • Daily Limit – $10,000
    • Monthly Limit* – $10,000
*Limits are per any 25 consecutive business days. If you have both personal and business accounts, the business limits are used for each cycle. These limits are for illustrative purposes only. Your actual limit may vary based on your account type, transaction history, overall banking relationship, and other factors determined by First Bank. Your actual deposit limit may be less than the limits shown here.

Have Further Questions?

Review our Common Questions about Digital Banking page to learn more.
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