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How to Save for Periods Without a Paycheck

Did you know that two out of five wage and salary earners over the age of 15 know their schedule less than one month in advance?

If that sounds like you, or if you’re a teacher on a 10-month pay cycle, a freelance contractor picking up gigs without regular frequency, or going on short-term leave without pay, we know it can be hard to budget when you’re not sure how much or when the next pay check might come in.

How to Save

To help you figure out the best approach to savings during those periods without pay, try the calculator below.


Now that you know how much to save, you can choose the best account to help support your goal.

How to Budget

Ready to get started with budgeting? We have a number of resources you can try out.

  1. If you’re a First Bank customer, you have free access to MyMoney within digital banking. MyMoney allows you to set a budget, track expenses by category, monitor your accounts from any financial institution, and more.
  2. Not sure where to start with a budget or what you can do with one? That’s okay, we’ve got you covered. Try this free online course: Creating a Budget.
  3. For those ready to take a broader look at their finances and plan accordingly, we also have Financial Basics, which covers everything from checking accounts and smart credit usage to retirement and family financial planning.

Another great tool at your disposal are the alerts you can set on transactions over a certain amount, when you receive deposits, when a transfer is made, and more. This is handy both to keep a closer eye on your finances but also to help stay mindful of each expense and the funds going in or out of your account.

Hands-On Help

If you’re ready to talk options, would like some feedback on your finances and plan, or are just curious about next steps, stop by your local First Bank branch. Our experts can help walk you through it all and create the best path to your goals.

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