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5 Financial Tips for Your 30s
Your thirties are a great time to get a handle on your finances and start investing in your future.
Your thirties are a great time to get a handle on your finances and start investing in your future.
New Year, New Budget
It’s a great time to make sure you have a solid budget in place and a good plan for how to move forward with your finances.
Have You Heard of Smishing? It Sounds Ridiculous, But It’s a Real Threat
First Bank Spotted in Times Square
In celebration of First Bank being chosen as one of North Carolina's best banks by Forbes, the bank's partners at NASDAQ arranged for a congratulatory message to show in New...
Are You a Financial Wellness Wiz?
Take our quick quiz to find out! Create your own user feedback survey If you got: 1-2 points: Good start! We’re here to talk you through the basics and to help you plan...
The Startling Cost of College
There’s a startling financial truth for those enrolled in college and recent graduates: a higher education almost always comes with a significant price tag--and debt. Here, we...
Why Having the Latest is the Greatest: Update Your Browser Today
We’ve got a secret weapon in the fight against the fraudsters who are trying to steal the data off your computer or mobile phone: having an up-to-date web browser.
Happy National Financial Literacy Month!
Staying Safe from Tax Scams
It’s that time of year again when you get a tickle in your throat and your eyes start to water. Yep, it’s tax time. We received the following very handy and timely...
Dream It, Do It Q1 Winner: Herrera Family
One of the first "Dream It. Do It." winners is Silverio Herrera who was nominated by his wife Jeni.
One of the first "Dream It. Do It." winners is Silverio Herrera who was nominated by his wife Jeni.
Get help finding the right checking account.
Let us help you narrow down the perfect account for you.

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