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Community Partners: Relay for Life and the Montgomery Square Branch

More than a decade ago, the staff at First Bank’s Montgomery Square branch in Troy, NC, began partnering with the local Montgomery County Relay for Life organization. It was a decision they took seriously from day one.

“We got started with Relay for Life because we felt like it was a worthy organization and the need was definitely there,” says Angie Sasser, CSR at Montgomery Square. “We initiate fundraisers that include all bank employees in Montgomery County and sometimes other branches from the surrounding counties too.”

For at least half of their years of partnership with Relay for Life, Sasser has been the team captain for First Bank’s team, and she is about to start her third year as the organization’s chair for Montgomery County.

Not surprisingly, First Bank has been the top fundraising team in the area. For example, their fundraising goal for 2015 was $15,000, which they surpassed by raising $19,000. “The whole experience is very rewarding,” says Sasser. “Over the years we have had plenty of fundraisers that flopped, but we tried something new and kept moving forward. Being able to donate that much money is very fulfilling.”

From silent auctions to selling cookies, the First Bank team has done a little bit of everything. “January to May is very busy for us,” says Kerrie Dionne, Teller/CSR at Montgomery Square.

Sasser agrees and adds “we are always thinking of new ideas for future fundraisers. We have a new surprise for 2016 that we think will really excite the sports fans.”

Beyond the events, Sasser says that the biggest change over the years has been how much more involved customer and the community have become. “Even non-customers will contact me to either donate or get involved with some of our fundraising activities,” she explains.

“First Bank is always at the forefront leading and encouraging the other teams,” says Candy Sheryn, Co-Chair of Relay For Life in Montgomery County. “Whether it’s developing fundraising ideas with a team, or anything else, they make themselves available to help. On behalf of Relay Montgomery and Relay National, I’d like to say that we are so grateful and blessed to have First Bank involved with our organization and event.”

Want to get involved with the Montgomery County Relay for Life? Check out their teams page.

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