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Business Spotlight: Elizabethtown Baptist Church

Video Transcript

Located in Bladen County, North Carolina, about an hour from Wilmington, sits the majestic Elizabethtown Baptist Church.

The church plays a major role in the Elizabethtown community and that was never more apparent than in the aftermath of a devastating tornado.

Disaster Strikes

On Saturday, April 16, 2011, shortly after 5 PM, a deadly tornado swept through the area.

With winds at an estimated 142 mph, two buildings at the church were completely destroyed and significant damage was done to others, including the main chapel.

In the aftermath, residents gathered together, using the church as their recovery center, to assess the damage, to bolster hope, and to begin the cleanup process.

Rebuilding and Growing

In the years following the storm, Elizabethtown Baptist Church, like the town, has rebuilt and then some.

The Elizabethtown Christian Academy launched in 2011 initially offering only 1 grade but now it accommodates children from Kindergarten through 7th grade, as well as a preschool and an after-school program.

For a determined organization like Elizabethtown Baptist Church, the future looks bright.

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