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Business Spotlight: Hagler Farms

Bryan Hagler tells the story of Hagler Farms in Laurinburg, North Carolina.

Video Transcript

Bryan Hagler: I think people are going to find out how much of life they’re missing by sitting in front of a television.

Hagler: Well, my father farmed and that’s where my love for farming came from. My farmer went out of farming in 1972. I worked for other farmers those years. I didn’t play a whole lot of sports in high school because all I wanted to do was farm. You give me a tractor, you know, I’d run it until I couldn’t run it no more. And, you know, I don’t know why. By the time I was pushing toy tractors around in the yard, this was all I ever wanted to do.

Hagler: Didn’t own any land. There’s no family land. I bought this piece of land in 1996. I didn’t have a clue how I was going to pay for it. By today’s standard, it was nothing but, back then, it was more money then I thought ever existed. But we got it paid for. Lot of long hours. Lot of sacrifices.

Hagler: We’ve lived out here for quite some time. I love it out here. I take pictures when I walk…sunrises…you don’t get that in town. And I posted a few on Facebook just to see what kind of comments you get.

Hagler: We’re a family farm. A lot of this technology increases our ability to be even more environmentally friendly because they’re not making any more land. We’re trying to be the best stewards that we can. And now, we change seed populations with a touch screen. We do variable rate seeding in the computer that’s satellite-driven. We got 2 people with 2 engines doing what 5 or 6  used to do with 5 engines. I’m amazed every year at the new stuff that comes out. And, if you’d asked me, 10 years ago, would we be doing this…hey, no way!

Hagler: People we do business with is just like a very large family. I feel really blessed. I really do. I love being out here. I’m married to a wonderful woman who loves me…I don’t know why.

Hagler: I’m Bryan Hagler. This is my wife Janet. Welcome to Hagler Farms!

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