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Business Spotlight: White Dogwood Farm & Stables

First Bank client White Dogwood Farm & Stables is a full service breeding and boarding facility started by Elizabeth and Chris White.

The Whites truly love horses and their boarding facility offers top notch care, quality feed/hay and daily turnout.

Video Transcript

Elizabeth White: Being on the farm keeps me very grounded. The horses definitely keep you humble. Because just when you think you have everything under control, they will tell you different.

Chris White: Funny story…I was not aware of her love of horses when I met her. I had no idea.

Elizabeth: Just have always loved horses. When we had the opportunity to, we went ahead and bought one.

Chris: And then she said, ‘We’re going to buy one of his horses.’ And I was like, ‘Are you crazy?’

Elizabeth: Then we had to have a place to keep them that wasn’t so expensive.

Chris: At that point, I knew I was in trouble…that she was hooked.

Elizabeth: Then we bought this place and we just kind of built it up.

Chris: We built it together. Took us two years to get to this state. We just did it on nights and weekends…whenever we could.

Elizabeth: We each have our own set of chores that we do and then we go to the house to get ready and go to work and then we come home from work and start again as soon as we get home.

Elizabeth: Rosanna and her daughter are here. Rosanna is the daughter of one of our boarders so I’ve known her since she was young.

Rosanna: I help Elizabeth with some of the younger stock that she has.

Lizzy: They’re just a great friend to have. They don’t talk back to you. They just listen. And I think that’s the best thing about a horse. You feel so free when you buy a horse.

Elizabeth: We have 6 of our own horses, a miniature donkey, and then we board out to 6 other horses.

Rosanna: Natural horsemanship is more so about your body language and finding ways to subtly communicate with the horse as opposed to more forceful techniques that can instill fear in the horses.

Rosanna: Horses are very intelligent animals. People that say otherwise…the horses have probably already outsmarted them.

Elizabeth: I think that the horses are happier and healthier being out moving around. It’s a different type of facility than your average boarding facility. It’s just one of those things that we do.

Elizabeth: Welcome to White Dogwood Farm & Stables. I’m Elizabeth White and this is my husband Chris White.

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