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Our Extraordinary Hometowns: Beaufort, North Carolina

One of our second place winners from our “What’s Extraordinary in Your Hometown?” Essay Contest is Melissa Burhenne, a First Bank Customer Service Representative in our Beaufort branch. Her entertaining description of the town and gentle word play had us captivated to the very end.

Imagine you and your family decide to get away from the hustle and bustle and end up in a quaint little town called Beaufort, North Carolina.

You are walking down the street and all of the sudden you hear a “Hey y’all!” from someone you don’t know on their porch in a rocking chair, sweet tea in one hand and waving at you with the other. In any other place that may be out of the ordinary, but that’s just how it is here!

Beaufort may have recently been voted one of the most romantic small towns, but the people of Beaufort didn’t need a magazine to tell us, we already knew!

Take a stroll around downtown Beaufort any time of the year, and the rich history and architecture of the historic downtown homes will be a treat to see. If you are one of the lucky homeowners of Beaufort, or are looking for a vacation home and want to do some interior decorating, let Lynette with Window & Wall Décor help you envision and create your dream.

Looking for some vitamin sea? Why not take a nautical tour on one of our local ferries. Bob with Water Bug Tours will give you a great narrated history of Beaufort while calmly cruising down Taylor’s Creek.

However, if you are looking to venture out a bit, Perry with Island Ferry Adventures will take you over to Carrot Island, where you can hang out on the beach all day with the wild ponies or have some fun in the sun.

Ladies and guys with style, I know this goes without saying but when you are in Beaufort you definitely need to make time to shop. Pick up a new outfit and souvenirs at Jarrett Bay Boathouse or Southern Frock and you will be trending with style and ready for any occasion.

Stop in and see Barb and the crew at Old Salt Restaurant and Oyster Bar. They have some great gluten-free menu items, but the fries with the Old Salt Sauce are a definite must. Order a mouthwatering steak from Mike at Ribeyes, and stay for a one-of-a-kind martini from the bar.

If you are out late and feeling a little country, put on your stomping boots and head over to Hannah’s Haus on Lennoxville to try one of their microbrews on tap while enjoying some blue grass music.

Last but not least, the staff at the local First Bank in Beaufort may have you convinced you never want to leave! First Bank and the Beaufort team represent many of the great qualities of this community, and each time you enter our door, Brandy, Susan, Jason and I will greet you with the best smiles of the south and warm, friendly customer service.

We love our small town and are glad to serve the people and businesses that make Beaufort extraordinary!

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