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Our Extraordinary Hometowns: Denton, North Carolina

denton nc
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Lucas Lawing - Denton NCLucas Lawing may have been our youngest entrant in our “What’s Extraordinary in Your Hometown?” Essay Contest, but at age 10, he is no less talented, earning an honorable mention nomination. We were charmed by the descriptions of his hobbies and activities in and around his hometown.

“It’s not necessary to go far and wide. I mean, you can really find exciting and inspiring things within your hometown.” -Daryl Hannah

Denton, North Carolina, a small town near Greensboro, was founded March 11, 1907.  The population at the 2010 census was 1,636 people and its total area was listed as 1.8 square miles.

I moved to this minuscule town two years ago.  Despite its size, there are at least three things I love about my home town:  I am devoted to is Denton School of Martial Arts, the Denton Public Library is another place I enjoy spending time, and of course, I am tremendously fond of my country home.

On South Main Street, you will find Denton School of Martial Arts.  It is among my favorite features of Denton because I have made many friends and great memories there.  My instructor, Master Dwain Freeman, is exceptionally funny but extremely disciplined.

When I attend Tae Kwon Do we practice miscellaneous kicks, punches, strikes, and board breaks.  Unfortunately, in Hapkido we practice excruciatingly painful joint locks and monotonous passing drills.  On the other hand, we also perform thrilling tumbles and flips.

Tae Kwon Do and Hapkido, which are both Korean martial arts, have given me strength, speed and agility.  Denton School of Martial Arts is a highly valuable part of my home town and my life.

Every Wednesday we set off for the Denton Public Library, where we meet with other Denton homeschoolers. There are several cool things at the library.  One that appeals to me, as an antique collector, is an old sword they have hanging on the wall.  They also have thousands of books for us enthusiastic readers.

After we have finished our classes at the library, we depart for lunch.  Habitually, we choose Subway, The Village, or Rick’s.  My friends and I usually sit together while we ravenously and barbarically masticate our delicious food.  Jaunting to the library and lunch with my friends is probably my favorite weekly activity in Denton.

On the average day at home, I awake from my daily hibernation and commence my chore list.  This list contains activities such as showering, feeding the dog, eating, brushing my teeth, and completing my vexing schoolwork.

After school, the fun begins.  I instantly start to play my favorite video games.  After I have expended my sadly limited gaming time, I read or play with Legos.  On warm days, I build forts in the woods.  However, the best part of home is a wonderful family.  At home, my life is filled with simple, entertaining adventures.

In martial arts, which I would recommend to anyone, there is much exercise, so it’s extremely healthy for the body and the mind.  The library is one of my favorite places within the city because it has so many intriguing books.  Still, home trumps when it comes to fun, making it the most significant part of Denton for me.  Denton is truly a delightful town.

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