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Our Extraordinary Hometowns: Robbins, North Carolina

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Hannah Bowers is the talented daughter of First Bank’s own Rachel Bowers, a member of our IT team. Hannah’s delightful essay was chosen as one of the second place winners in our “What’s Extraordinary in Your Hometown?” Essay Contest. Her descriptions of all the interesting nooks and crannies of Robbins made us want to grab a flashlight and go spelunking in that old school to see who or what still haunts the halls.

You may ask someone about the town they grew up in, they’ll tell you all these amazing things about it. I live in Robbins, a small town with a unique character of its own.

There are many things about this town that you may find quite extraordinary. Robbins may seem small, but it can be very lively.

At the end of every July, Farmer’s Day is held. Farmer’s Day lasts three days each year—all day and night. They have music, dancing, rides, delicious vendor snacks and a large amount of custom items to buy. You can buy a belt with your name on it, or maybe a flower crown.

This is a very popular event in Robbins. Farmer’s Day began in 1955 and is held every year. This year was the 59th Annual Farmer’s Day, many people came, even some that are not residents of Robbins.

Every year on Halloween, Robbins has a haunted house. It is held in the old train station in the center of the town. The haunted house is a fun, affordable way to spook your friends and family. A lot of people love going to the haunted house, for a spook or just for a good laugh.

Trick-or-treating is also a lot of fun on Halloween, even the police department welcomes kids with candy and a glow-stick. Some people are very outgoing with the spooky decor, making their house seem like a haunted escape.

Something else that I find extraordinary and slightly mysterious about my town is the old school. It’s surrounded by a chain length fence and worn down from the years. Back when the school had classrooms full of students, it would double as a prison every once in a while.

I find the old school extraordinary because it seems really creepy and haunted. It seems creepy and haunted to me because a few of the windows are broken, there are high weeds around it, and it just looks amazingly creepy to once be a school. It would probably make an amazing haunted house if they ever decide to test it out.

Another great thing about Robbins is that it’s a small town. You see local businesses you don’t always see in larger cities and towns. Wherever you go, someone will know your name or your family. If you need help, there’s always a willing friend nearby. Whenever you go to a football game, there will always be someone there that you know, whether it’s a close friend or someone you haven’t seen in a long time.

You would probably be able to make a lifetime friend from Robbins, most people that live around here are really nice and trustworthy. If I didn’t grow up here, I would have never gotten to experience what it’s like to know your neighbors and go to small town events.

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