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Our Extraordinary Hometowns: Tabor City, North Carolina

One of our honorable mention nominees in our “What’s Extraordinary in Your Hometown?” Essay Contest is Jessica Harper Davis, a First Bank Assistant Branch Manager in our Tabor City location. We loved that you can feel her personal connection to the town in every word.

Nestled down deep in the southeastern corner of North Carolina, you’ll find a charming little town I’m passionate about called Tabor City. Geographically we may be small, but we’re over populated with southern charm and friendly, smiling faces.

​I’m thankful for the cold winter day in 1987 when my parents brought me home to Tabor City. I’ve lived on the same dead end street all of my life and I’m full of hometown pride. Ninety five percent of my rather large family is still rooted within city limits. In fact, if you spend just a few minutes downtown, you’re bound to run into my relatives.

My mom, Cynthia, is the face of Tabor City Chamber of Commerce. When my dad Royce isn’t busy as Mayor, you can find him with his siblings operating Tabor City “NAPA” Auto Parts, our family business for over 50 years. My grandma Mildred, a “retired” business owner, works at Tabor City Visitors Center and in the classroom as a substitute teacher. Uncle Joey is the manager of Tabor City IGA and employs a lot of local youth.

​In 2006, I started at First Bank in Tabor City. I was as excited then as I am today to serve the people that I love most. People come into the bank and ask, “Are you one of those Harper girls?” I love walking into places where people call you by name, know where you live, and know who your parents and grandparents are.

So, what makes Tabor City SO special? The people! Tabor City has the friendliest, most courteous citizens anywhere. I’ll guarantee if you walk into any downtown business, you’ll be greeted with a warm smile and “Hey, how are you”. I bet someone will hold the door open and when you cross the street they’ll stop their car and motion you across.

We have quite a few gems in Tabor City. The fourth Saturday each October, we host the NC Yam Festival. Thousands visit to enjoy the parade and several food & craft vendors.

If you’d rather “catch” your next meal, go throw in a line or two at Lake Tabor or just put your boat in the water for a relaxing afternoon.

When you’re ready to visit, Yogi Bear’s Campground at Daddy Joe’s will be more than thrilled to make you feel at home in a beautiful cabin, yurt, RV or tent site.

Another perk of Tabor City is the location! We’re approximately 25 miles north of Myrtle Beach and a few hours drive to the North Carolina Smoky Mountains.  You could enjoy sea breeze and cool moist mountain air in a day.

There is absolutely NO place I’d rather live, work and raise my family than in my hometown of Tabor City.

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