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Save Some Green on the Greens: Cost-Cutting Tips for Golfers

As the temperatures climb and the days grow longer, you may be feeling the itch to dust off your clubs and hit the nearest golf course. But even the most avid players know that golf is not the most affordable sport, and it’s easy to rack up the bills by the end of the summer months.

Fortunately, whether you’re the next Arnold Palmer or just a weekend duffer, there are plenty of ways to save money on the course.

Buy Used or Recycled Golf Balls

Unless you’re at the top of your game, you can often spend a lot of cash on golf balls that promptly disappear into woods and water hazards. Instead of paying top dollar, looks for refurbished golf balls at your local club or sporting goods store. They have all the brands you like, but you’ll be saving money by reusing other lost and found balls.

Seek Out Evening Specials

Many courses drop their fees in the later hours of the day (after 4 or 5 pm). On top of the savings, you might have cooler temperatures and a less crowded course. It’s also a great way to blow off steam after a busy day in the office.

Improve Your Game The Right Way

Instead of rushing off to grab the latest and greatest Callaway clubs to improve your drive, buy some used equipment and put the money you saved towards a swing lesson or two. Just make sure the club shaft is straight and the hosel secure.

Discover Last Minute Deals

If you’re not picky about courses and just want to find a good rate, there are plenty of great web tools to help you out. Sites like GolfNow let you enter your city or zip code and find golf discounts in your area that offer 10-60% off both 9 and 18-hole rounds. Also, you can sign up for a daily deals service, like Groupon, to get golf coupons regularly delivered to your email inbox.

Join a Group

If you’re just starting out, private golf lessons can be a steep price to pay. Instead, look into group lessons so you can improve your fundamentals without breaking the bank. You might even find a few new golf buddies.

Don’t Neglect Your Short Game

While a bucket of balls at the driving range can cost you, many of these facilities also offer a practice green for putting and chipping practice, and it’s usually free to use.

Pack Snacks

On a long, hot day, it’s tempting to buy refreshments from the roving snack carts, but you can save a lot of money simply by packing a bottle of water and some food. Your golf bag has so many pockets. Why not use them?

Do you have any other helpful money-saving tips for golfers? Feel free to share them on our Facebook page.

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