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Account Overview Demo

Learn how to see account and transaction details.

Congratulations! Now you know how to view your account dashboard and transactions.
Login screen Login screen Login screen
Account overview screen.
Account overview screen.
Account overview screen.
Account overview screen. Account overview screen. Account overview screen.
Account overview screen. Account overview screen. Account overview screen.
Step of

Step 1 Open the mobile app and log in.

When you enrolled in First Bank digital banking, you created a Login ID and Password. Enter that information in the corresponding boxes in the app and then tap the “Log In” button.

Step 2 Choose an account.

From the dashboard, scroll down to see a list of all of your First Bank accounts. Tap the account name you want to open up a more detailed view.

Step 3 Scroll to see your transaction history.

All of the account’s recent transactions are listed in this view. Scroll up and down to review the list and tap on an individual transaction to see more details about it.

Step 4 Scroll to see and categorize the transaction.

Within the transaction details you can see information such as the transaction date, description, category, amount, and more.

Tap on the category to categorize the transaction.

Step 5 Select the appropriate category.

Scroll through the categories and pick the most appropriate one for the transaction.

Step 6 View a check image by tapping on its entry.

To view check images, select a check transaction in the list. You can tap to see both the front and back of the check.

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